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Crew Training

A well-trained crew is a key factor in the safe and effective operation of a yacht. Moreover, it contributes to a sense of professionalism which enhances both individual satisfaction and retention.

On-the-job training has always been regarded as the best way of acquiring skills. Technological advancements, and regulatory and commercial pressures have seriously hampered the mentoring and guidance that seafarers of yesteryears received.

Dynamic Yacht Management has initiated an innovative solution to expedite the performance improvement and consolidation of a Yacht board training by providing onboard training in a wide range of areas.

Our trainers, along with the captain, assess the gaps in the yachtboard competence. Based on the assessment, customized lessons in basic concepts, group interactions on operational practices, safety and pollution prevention drills, and actual operation of equipment and machinery is provided to demonstrate the correct operational methods are designed and imparted to the crew. The result is immediately visible as improved functioning of the yacht and greater benefits / satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Dynamic Yacht Management can customize the yacht specific Computer Based Training (CBT) programs depending on the individual yacht's needs.