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Vessel Registration-Insurance
Dynamic Yacht Management offers advice as to the flag of convenience that would best suit individual needs of the yacht
owner and arranges registration for all types of luxury yachts worldwide with any flag of convenience.

Dynamic Yachts keeps abreast of current regulatory requirements to register and insure our clients yachts. We are well very versed with the ownership and operational requirements of today’s luxury yachts.

As a part of our registration package we assist our clients in obtaining the most competitive marine insurance for our clients.

Dynamic Yacht Management can efficiently manage your vessel registration needs, including:
  • a. Marine insurance
  • b. Yacht registration, including change of ownership and yacht name
  • c. Renewals and amendments to Certificate of British Registry and Statutory and Regulatory certificates
  • d. Radio Station licence registration
  • e. Eprib registration
  • f. LRIT testing