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Security Management System - ISPS code
ISPS Code: Is applicable to all yachts 500 tons and over
ISPS Code Compliance

Dynamic Yacht Management has played a proactive role in the industry by working with flag states to conduct Company Security Officers and Ship Security Officer training courses. Our consultants are recognized experts in the field of maritime security and are fully equipped to assist any yacht in obtaining and maintaining certification under the code.

Our consultants have approved over 550 ship security plans for Recognized Security Organization representing Panama Flag.

Dynamic Yacht Management develops customized Ship Security Plan based on the Ship Security Assessment carried out by our experts. The developed security plan will be approved by the yacht's flag state. The onboard security system will be regularly audited by our auditors to ensure compliance.

This can be a stand alone system whereby Dynamic Yacht Management is not involved in the ISM code or daily operation of the yacht, but our Company Security Office is fully appraised of the yacht's operating routes and intended ports through a web based reporting system.

Each yacht is assigned a user ID on the secured web, thereby allowing the yacht personnel to gain 24/7 access to relevant security information regarding the ports listed on the yacht's itinerary.