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Safety Management System - ISM Code
Safety Management System - ISM Code :
Is applicable to all yachts 500 tons and over, which are engaged in chartering.

Large Commercial Yacht Code is applicable to all yachts, under 500 tons, which are engaged in chartering.

Dynamic Yacht Management develops customized Safety Management Systems, based on the requirements as laid out in the ISM and large yacht code as applicable to suit each client's and yacht's specific needs. The overall aim is to minimize risk of damage to the environment, personnel and property, incidents, port state control problems and complacency. Therefore, resulting in safer yachts, less paper work and customer satisfaction.

Each yacht is assigned a user ID on the web, thereby allowing the yacht personnel to access their Safety Management System documentation 24 / 7 and complete all the required monthly reports on line. The completed reports are analyzed by our office with constant feedback provided to our clients in order to continually improve the safety, quality and reliability of the management system. The services as a whole make it a dynamic system which is continuously monitored and improved

The records for 1 audit cycle are maintained on Dynamic Yacht Management's server, providing ready access when needed by the yacht personnel in an efficient and paperless manner.